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Information about Surinam

Surinam is a dynamic country located in the northern part of South America and the perfect destination for those who wants to enjoy the untouched nature, exceptional history, monumental buildings, culinary delights and authentic cultural diversity. Surinam is a former Dutch colony that gained its independence on 25 November 1975.

The vast majority of the country consists of untouched forests. Besides the enormous "Central Surinam Nature Reserve" (1.6 million hectares), most of the inland is practically uninhabited. Most areas in the Surinamese interior are known for the impressive rapids. Surinam is distinguished by the various tourist attractions that exist and can typically be described as "Surinam, the world's greenest jewel".


Dutch influences are still visible in many ways, including the Dutch language spoken in Surinam. The Surinamese cuisine and its friendly population have attracted many tourists to this wonderful hospitable country for years. Whether you want to be sporty, want to discover culture or just look for a nice nappy holiday, it's all here. The cozy and picturesque villages are a delightful change between tropical nature. Ancient plantations tell a bit of history about how people used to trade. And in Paramaribo are the old wooden houses that evoke a special atmosphere.


Suriname is 3 hours behind GMT or 2 hours before EST. This means a time difference of 4 or 5 hours with the Netherlands, depending on summer and winter time.

Surinam; the land of good food, beautiful nature, old plantations and a fascinating multicultural society.

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