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Surinam is in the tropics. The temperature is on average between 23 and 32 degrees. The coolest time of the day is around six o'clock in the morning (23 degrees) and the hottest time is between 12.00 and 14.00 (32 degrees). Then the weather gradually cools down. It is about 26 degrees at six o'clock in the evening.

In September Surinam is on average 2 degrees warmer than the rest of the year and the coolest in the months from February to April. The Northeast Canal then provides cooling in the coastal area. The temperature is then between 21 degrees and 29 degrees. Due to the high average humidity, (during the day 80% and at night 95%) and the wind that causes a lot of cooling down, it feels less warm than, for example, in the Netherlands at the same temperature.

Suriname has four seasons. Unlike the Netherlands, there is no question of spring, summer, autumn or winter, but of two rainy and two dry seasons:


1) small rainy season starts in early December to the end of January

2) small dry time is the end of January until the end of April

3) great rainy season is the end of April to mid-August

4) big dry-time starts mid-August to early December

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